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Which Home Improvement Projects Offer the Highest ROI for 2013?

It’s a great time for home improvement, especially if you live in the Northern Virginia, Washington, DC and Suburban Maryland area.  Remodeling Magazine has released their Cost vs Value report for 2013.  This report describes many different home improvement projects as well as the projected return on investment...

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Learn The 5 Signs That Your Siding Needs To Be Replaced

The siding on your home provides character and charm, as well as curb appeal, to your home.  The color and style of the siding is seen as a reflection of the homeowner and their pride in the home, but it also has a much more important and functional purpose.  The main purpose of siding is to protect the interior...

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Full Home Makeover: Windows, Siding and Gutters...Oh My!

Windows on Washington has chosen a full exterior make over for our highlighted Project of the Week.  This project began with replacing all of the home's original window units with Okna 500 replacement windows.  The homeowner chose the foam filled frame upgrade for the added energy efficiency that option provides....

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Finding the Right Siding Solution For Your Home

Siding is the cladding around a home and can come in many different types such as stone, vinyl, and wood, among others.  Its’ main purpose is to provide a protective barrier around the home and to add aesthetic value.  When deciding which siding to choose, keep in mind its’ ability to resist water and humidity,...

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Selling Your Home? Top 3 Home Improvement Projects With The Best ROI

Exterior home improvements are important for homeowners, regardless if they plan to put their house on the market now or sell sometime in the future.  When it comes to selling a home, properties that have had recent improvements are more likely to sell faster and at a higher price than other comparable homes in...

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How to Avoid the Storm Chasing Home Improvement Contractor

One of the most important things to consider when tackling a home improvement project is which contractor to hire to do the work.  Make the wrong decision and you’ll have to face the consequences.  Over the years, we have helped dozens of homeowners that called Windows on Washington for help after dealing with an...

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Total Home Makeover: Standing Seam Roof, Windows, Siding, & Gutters

Our project of the week is shared through a Windows on Washington customer’s own words and pictures.  We thought it best to let them do the talking on how the WoW Factor shaped their home improvement experience.

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What Are the Popping Noises From My Windows or Siding?

If your home is located in an area of the country where the overnight temperatures are fairly cool and the morning sun is strong, popping noises around your windows and siding can be a somewhat common phenomenon. There are several potential causes for these noises, but they are most likely the result of the...

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Learn about Windows on Washington - More Than Just Windows!!!

Windows on Washington began as a small, family owned company focused solely on replacement windows. Over the past 8 years, through the requests and encouragement of our supportive customers, we have grown to serve thousands of homeowners in the greater DC area for not only windows, but also roofing and gutters, ...

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