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Windows on Washington Blog!

See our most recent blog post about home improvement, replacement window, roofing, siding, insulation and air sealing solutions at Windows on Washington below.

Replacement Windows From A Customer's Perspective

At Windows on Washington, 100% customer satisfaction is our number one goal!

The WoW Team knows that the only way to achieve this goal is with quality installations and best in class products. We spend countless hours training our staff to handle any issues that may arise during construction projects. We also work...

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Winter Specials and Coupons for Replacement Windows, Siding and Doors

Brrr...Baby It's Cold Outside!, so now is the time to make sure your home is warm and as energy effcient as possible.  Whether you need replacement windows, a new exterior door or simply air sealing and insulation, Windows on Washington has the solutions to all your home improvement challenges. Contact us today...

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4 Simple Steps to Ensure Your Insulation Contractor Is Right On Track

Windows on Washington is commited to ensuring your home has the maximum possible energy efficiency.  Our energy savvy customers often purchase new windows or doors to help increase the efficiency of their home, but many do not realize that appropriate levels of insulation can also make their home more effcient and...

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Learn About Air Sealing and Insulation Now!

With summer in full swing, you may discover that your home seems to be hotter in certain areas of your home than others.  That's because most homes in the United States have significant energy difficiencies, which are very noticeable when the weather turns hot.  According to Consumer Reports, only 12% of Americans...

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DIY Air Sealing and Insulation or Call In A Professional?

The essential first step in sealing air leaks is to locate the source of each and every leak in a house, from the major ones right down to small or narrow cracks and gaps. Getting a home energy audit from a professional contractor is the most reliable way to pinpoint the location of all leaks. During an energy...

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Learn How To Differentiate Between Insulation Types

Insulation works to inhibit the transfer of heat. In the winter, it prevents cold air from the outdoors from penetrating the interior of a house, helping keep the home warmer inside. During the summer, insulation helps trap cool, conditioned air inside the home while resisting heat from the outdoors. Thus, it is...

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Learn About Air Sealing From Windows on Washington

Many homes have numerous sites where cracks or gaps allow for the exchange of indoor and outdoor air. While these gaps are typically most noticeable during the winter when cold air seeps into the home, they can cause problems all year round.  These problems aren’t just limited to energy efficiency.

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The Windows On Washington Way of Doing Business

At Windows on Washington, our mission is to provide our customers with quality products and expert workmanship to improve the comfort, beauty and energy efficiency of their homes. And we do it with unparalleled service. Our work is not complete without your total satisfaction.

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HELP Windows on Washington! My House Is Freezing!

Most homes in the United States have significant energy difficiencies, and this is costing their owners more energy dollars than they realize.  According to Consumer Reports, only 12% of Americans have upgraded their home’s insulation and only 5% have insulated their heating and cooling ductwork. 

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What Everyone Ought To Know About Air Sealing And Insulation

Energy efficiency is a key concern for many homeowners. Homes which are not optimized for peak efficiency are more expensive and more difficult to heat and cool leading to inflated utility bills and potentially expensive repairs. Of the many improvements a homeowner can make to boost energy efficiency, air sealing...

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