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How Replacing Your Windows Can Help Lower Your Next Utility Bill (& Other Benefits)

Window replacements are one of the most popular home improvement projects for a reason. Stunning new windows not only improve the comfort, style and overall curb appeal of your home, but perhaps most fortuitously, replacement windows can improve your home’s energy efficiency and lower your utility bills. There are countless reasons to replace your windows, from draft problems and condensation issues, to the desire of a style update, or most commonly, to make the running of your home more environmentally friendly and cost-effective. In this article, we will be taking a look at exactly how replacing your windows can lower your next utility bill, as well as the other benefits that come with window replacements. 

A Boost in Energy Efficiency, and Decrease in Utility Bills 

Windows are an essential part of every home. Think about it – every home has windows. They are integral for a happy, comfortable home, providing light, warmth and of course, much-needed ventilation. The right windows also play a major role in the energy efficiency of your home. If your home is older and you have not updated your windows in a while, it is possible your home is running on single pane windows, which become a vehicle for temperature transfer. What does this mean? It means in winter, older-style windows allow too much heat to escape, and vice versa in summer. Air conditioning accounts for 12 percent of US home’s energy expenditure, so anything you can do to make energy efficiency improvements to your home (such as replacing your windows to more energy efficient ones) will reduce utility bills in the long run. 

The good news is the technology behind windows and window frames has become much more sophisticated in recent years. Homeowners have more choice now than ever before, and there are huge cost savings to come from advanced technology and sleek design. Double and triple pane glass offers unprecedented energy savings, while high-tech finishes and coatings prevent temperature transfer, saving you on unnecessarily high utility bills. 

Choose Double-Glazed or Triple-Glazed Windows 

Generally, single-pane windows, which offer no insulation between the glass panes, are not very energy efficient. That is why if the windows in your home are single-pane, we recommend investing in double or triple-glazed windows. This means the windows are built with two or three layers of glass in each window, which significantly helps to slow down drafts and reduce any energy leaks. Not to mention double and triple-glazed windows are filled with insulating gas that absorbs the wind before it can penetrate the inside of your home. True, double and triple-glazed windows are a bigger upfront investment than single-glazed windows, in the long-run, your wallet is certainly better off.

If you live in a warmer climate such as Maryland or Virginia, the best option would be to buy replacement windows with spectrally selective low-emissivity coatings, also known as low-e coatings. Low-e coatings reflect air conditioning back into a home’s interior, which can reduce the overall heat gain from the outside sun by as much as 70 per cent, meaning your air conditioning will be running cost-effectively. 

Why Else Replace Your Windows?

Good for the environment 

We now know that replacement windows can help lower your utility bills, but what other benefits do new windows offer? The Department of Energy found that replacing old single-pane windows is not only good for your home and bank balance, but also good for the environment. The energy saved in heating and cooling offsets up to 6,205 pounds of C02 emissions.

An updated style and curb appeal 

Modern window finishings are exceptionally versatile and can be adapted to suit your style and taste. Frames are available in a large range of colors and wood veneer finishes, which give the appearance of a more expensive wood frame without the cost or the ongoing maintenance. Just like the clothes you wear can affect your mood, so too can your home. When your home looks good, you feel good.

Say goodbye to air leaks 

Air leakage is a big problem when it comes to energy efficiency and utility expenses. Gaps around doors and windows can easily allow conditioned air to escape from your house. Even if your windows are double or triple-glazed, if they were not installed correctly, they will not be working as intended, which will cost you more money and discomfort as the seasons change. New windows, properly installed by a professional, will prevent any air leakage and make sure your home is comfortable and energy efficient year round. 

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