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Which Replacement Windows are Best for Homes in Virginia?


If you have noticed warm drafts in summer and cooler drafts in winter throughout your home, or if your windows are damaged or you want to lower your energy bill, it may be time for you to replace your windows. There are countless window replacement options out there, so it can be a challenge to determine which is best for your home. Replacing your windows with the correct material can not only increase the aesthetic appeal of your home, but likewise save you money on your monthly heating and cooling bills. In this article, we will discuss your options for window replacements, and which replacement windows are best for home in Virginia.   

When choosing replacement windows for your home in Virginia, it is important to consider the options available to you and how the climate of Virginia may impact your choice. Below is a list of common window replacement materials and their pros and cons.


Vinyl window replacements are perhaps one of the most popular choices for homeowners due to their high energy efficiency rating and range of stylistic options. Also vinyl windows are available at a variety of price points.


  • Minimal maintenance once installed.
  • Generally, at the lower end of the price scale when compared to other materials.
  • Offers good thermal protection throughout all four seasons.


  • Once installed, Vinyl windows cannot be painted a new color.
  • Some historical areas and HOAs will not permit vinyl window replacements.
  • “Cheap” vinyl windows on the low end of the pricing scale can be less than durable. 



Fiberglass windows are a great option when replacing your home’s windows. Fiberglass windows have the appearance of wood without the maintenance and price tag of natural wood windows. Fiberglass is also more thermally conductive than vinyl, so it offers slightly less energy efficiency than vinyl window replacements.


  • Can be painted different colors after installation.
  • Offers good thermal performance.
  • Is relatively low maintenance once installed.


  • One of the more expensive window replacement materials.



Wood is one of the least thermally conductive window replacement materials available and a good-quality wood window can last for decades. It is the material of choice for homeowners who want to maintain the architectural or historical integrity of their home.


  • Provides excellent exterior architectural detail and can greatly improve the overall look of your house.
  • It comes in a variety of colors.
  • Excellent thermal performance. 


  • Require a lot of maintenance and can be subject to rot and termites if not looked after properly.
  • It is one of the more expensive window replacement materials.
  • Does not last as long as other materials.



Composite windows are a popular choice for homeowners who enjoy the aesthetic appeal of wood windows but do not want the price tag or maintenance that comes with wood windows. That’s not to say, however, that composite windows are cheap – they are merely less expensive than wood. Most composite window replacements are made from PVC resin, which gives them higher energy efficiency. 


  • Available in a variety of paintable and stainable indoor wood laminates.
  • Is very low maintenance once installed.


  • There are different kinds of composites so you need to do some research before choosing your product.
  • Durability of composite may vary based on materials used.


So … which window replacement is best for homes in Virginia?

Above are just a few window replacement options, yet they are some of the most common and popular choices. Due to Virginia’s relatively mild climate, most window replacement options will be a sound choice for your home. However, if you want to make the most out of your window replacement in terms of energy efficiency, vinyl and fiberglass are an excellent choice for the Virginia area.

ENERGY STAR® places labels on new windows called the National Fenestration Ratings Council label, which outlines the performance of windows using a few rating systems. Living in Virginia, your main concerns are the U-Factor of your windows.

The U-Factor ratings measure how much heat can escape your home through a window. In the region of Virginia, ENERGY STAR ® requires replacement windows to have a U-Factor rating of 0.30 or less. Vinyl and fiberglass are both good choices for Virginia as they are highly efficient and weather-resistant, which is excellent for Virginia where tropical thunderstorms and strong winds are not uncommon.

If it is time for you to replace your windows, get in touch with us at Windows on Washington. We are experts in window installation and can provide you with the best option for your home and budget.



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