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Happy Holidays and a Round Up of WoW’s 2018

Every year we say the same thing, but what a wonderful year it has been! Each year continues to get better and better, and that is mostly due to all of you – our amazing customers and the special WoW community. In a similar fashion to last year, we wanted to take the time to reflect on 2018 and do a short round up of the year. We also want to wish all of our WoW customers and family a Happy New Year and Holiday Season. Thank you for the incredible year and we look forward to doing it all again in 2019!!!

We Shared How to Keep Your Home Improvement Project on Budget 

Home improvement projects are fun and exciting, but they can also easily add up in costs if you are not careful. That is why our first tip for keeping your home improvement project on budget is to plan, plan and plan before you begin. This includes things like choosing your exact materials, right down to the color and texture. It is much easier to stick to a budget when you have made important decisions ahead of time. Our second tip is to combine home improvement projects when possible. Combining home improvement projects is an easy way to keep individual project costs down. So, if you are looking to make a few home improvements in the next year, look for a quality contractor who can handle more than just one.

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We Explained How to Not Overspend on Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are an excellent home improvement project. However, many homeowners find themselves overspending on replacement windows. Before you replace your windows, it is important to know what your priorities are when it comes to window replacements. For example, is design most important to you? Is durability the most important factor? Is it the quality of the glass or the materials used? All of these factors can greatly influence the price of your replacement windows, which is why it is important to know your priorities to avoid overspending on unnecessary features and functionalities. When it comes to not overspending, you also need to ensure you choose your materials carefully. Sometimes you may have your heart set on a particular material, yet you may need to compromise in order to stay on budget.

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We Talked About the Different Types of Insulation 

Many homeowners are unaware that there are different types of insulation. In fact, there are four different types of insulation, including: blanket insulation, polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foam insulation, loose fill insulation and rigid insulation. And, in order to determine the best type of insulation for your needs, it is important to understand the variances between different types of insulation. It is also important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of different types of insulation, as well as the recommended R-values for the areas you want to insulate.

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We Showed You How to Find a Trustworthy Home Improvement Contractor

The truth is, the home improvement contractor you choose can be the difference between an amazing home improvement experience and a terrible one. That is why it is important you find a trustworthy contractor from the start. There are countless home improvement contractors out there that will promise you the world, so it can be hard to know who to trust. That is why we put together an article that showed you how to find a trustworthy home improvement contractor. Firstly, it is important to make a connection with your contractor. After all, you will be in regular communication with them so you need to feel comfortable around them. Secondly, remember that price reflects quality. A low bid might be an indication that the contractor is using sub-standard materials. The best bid will be somewhere in the middle – not too expensive but not too cheap.

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We Learned That Yes, A New Roof Really is Worth it!

Ever wondered if a new roof is really worth it? We learnt that yes, it really is. It is true that the initial cost of installing a new roof can be pricey, yet the reality is the benefits far outweigh the upfront investment. A new roof provides an excellent return on investment. In fact, a new quality roofing system has an ROI of around 70%. If you are looking to sell your home in the near future, a new roof is also a very attractive feature for home buyers. A new roof also makes your home greener and can cut your energy costs. Modern roofs have greater energy efficiency, as well as more environmentally conscious manufacturing methods. Furthermore, ‘cool’ roofing options can increase your heat deflection and save you money in energy costs over time.

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We Won 3 Awards

Let us wrap up our final blog article of the year with the fact that Windows on Washington won not one, not two, but three awards this year! We do not like to brag, but this was a massive achievement for the whole WoW team. At Windows on Washington, we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and quality of work. In fact, everything we do is underpinned by our passion for helping turn our clients’ dream home improvement projects into a reality. To be recognized for our achievements with three separate awards is beyond remarkable and we are extremely thankful. The awards we picked up in 2018 include the Guildmaster Award, Angie’s List Super Service Award (SSA), and Okna Windows Diamond Dealer Award.


And, if that was not enough, for the third consecutive year, Door and Window Magazine named us as one of the top door and window dealers in the country! Safe to say, we had one amazing year, and we cannot wait to see what 2019 has in store for us and our amazing customers. Happy holidays and New Year to all. See you in the new year!

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