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Is a New Roof Worth the Investment?

Home improvements can be costly for homeowners, with some projects dearer than others. However, there are some home improvements that cost a lot, yet do not offer much of a return on investment (ROI). This is not the case when it comes to a new roof. There is no doubt a new roof is a costly upfront investment.  However, the benefits and ROI far outweigh the initial cost. Therefore, if you are wondering if a new roof is worth the investment, Windows on Washington absolutely says yes. Here are five reasons why.


One of the best home improvement ROIs  

While not always the case, most homeowners tell us they resist getting a new roof (even when they really need to) because of the pricey upfront investment. However, according to Remodeling’s Cost vs. Value report 2019, a new roof in Maryland or Virginia has an ROI of roughly 70 percent. Not to mention a new roof has a lifespan of 20+ years, meaning when it is time to install a new roof, it is certainly worth the investment. And, when selling your home, a new roof will definitely work in your favor, as home inspectors ( and buyers!) tend to thoroughly inspect the condition of your roof. 

Lowers utility bills and is better for the environment 

If your roof is particularly old, chances are it is not the most environmentally friendly roof. This is because old roofs were not designed with the environment in mind. Modern roofs are much better for your home, and likewise much better for the planet. Modern roofs have better energy efficiency and are produced with much more environmentally conscious methods. A new and modern roof will also help lower your utility bills due to increased insulating values. There are also ‘cool’ roofing options you can choose, which increase heat deflection and greatly save you in energy costs over time. 

A more comfortable home 

Home is where we spend most of our time. Therefore, the more comfortable it is, the better! A primary function of a roof is to keep temperatures in your home stable throughout the year and across the four seasons. An old roof is a lot less likely to do its job well - that is - keep warm air inside during winter and vice versa in summer. Old roofs make your home less comfortable to live in and are also a sneaky culprit if you find your energy bills have been increasing. A new roof keeps the temperature inside your home at the level you want, which by extension also means you will save money by using your air cooling and heating system less. 

Increased home safety

Another reason a new roof is worth the investment is because an old roof that is coming to the end of its useable life can present big safety hazards like water damage, which poses greater risks and health problems for you and your family. Also, an old roof will not hold up as well during inclement weather, which depending on the severity of the weather, can also pose a significant risk. A new roof would not cause the same problem as it would be sturdy enough to withstand almost any weather. 

A new warranty 

Even if you do not plan to sell your house in the next few years, a new roof with a sound warranty is an excellent selling point when you do eventually sell your house. The real estate market is highly competitive so any feature that will add value to your home can make a massive difference to how quickly it is sold and the final sales price. 

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