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Preparing Your Home and Roof For a Winter Storm

iStock winter storm damage

The Mid-Atlantic region must take winter storm warnings seriously, and for good reason.  Many homeowners are quickly preparing and securing their homes for another winter blast.  Here are some tips from Windows on Washington and the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help you in those preparations.

Before the storm:

  • Be sure trees and shrubs around your home are well-trimmed.
  • Clear away any loose debris around your home.
  • Clear clogged rain gutters and downspouts.
  • Secure all outdoor furniture, decorations, trash cans and anything else could get damaged in the winter weather.
  • Install a generator for emergencies.  
  • Stock up on fuel for your generator.
  • Gather blankets and firewood to help keep your family warm in the event that the power goes out.
  • Take pictures of your home inside and out for insurance purposes.
  • Make sure you prepare a space for your pets.
  • Prepare a list of emergency numbers in case the power is out for an extended amount of time.  (Include plumbers, electricians, the power company and roofing companies to contact for emergency repairs.)


  • Listen to the radio or TV for information.
  • Avoid using the phone except for serious emergencies.
  • Stay off the roads during the storm to allow emergency vehicles access to the roadways.
  • Bring your pets in out of the storm.

  • Keep away from loose or dangling power lines and report them immediately to the power company.
  • Stay out of any building that has water around it.
  • Inspect your home for damage. 
  • Take pictures of damage, both of the building and its contents, for insurance purposes.
  • Call in a professional for any damages you need repaired.

Windows on Washington doubles our effort to prepare for a winter storm's aftermath.  We pledge to take care of our customers' homes after any weather event.   Please be mindful of storm chasing home improvement contractors that will prey on homeowners after a major storm.  Choose a local contractor that you can trust and that will be around long after the storm is gone.  Here are some links to help you choose the right contractor for the job.

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