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4 Reasons to Properly Insulate Your Home - Windows on Washington

attic insulationThe most effective way to boost comfort and provide temperature consistency in your home is through insulation and air sealing.   Here are four key reasons to properly insulate your home.

  • Be comfortable in your home.

Properly installed and specified insulation minimizes temperature variance in the home as a whole and from room to room.  Most homes are insulated to older and outdated energy codes and with less than premium insulation materials.  As most homeowners would attest to, builders do not use the most effective or premium materials available if there are cheaper alternatives.  This is problematic when it comes to attic insulation.  You may peak up in your attic to see mounds of white or pink blown in fiberglass and mistakenly think that you have enough.  The reality is that blown in fiberglass (as an insulator) is terribly ineffective and only performs at half of its theoretic R-Value.  When it comes to blown in insulation, cellulose is far and away the better choice.  

  • Save on Utility Bills

On average, most households will spend about 50% of their utilities on space heating and cooling.  A properly installed insulation layer can provide significant reductions in these expenses - and these savings increase dramatically when combined with proper air sealing and weatherization.

  •  Improve Durability

Condensation is the enemy of all building materials (rot, mold, mildew, etc.). Inadequate and improperly placed insulation can negatively impact the ventilation dynamics of a home.  Proper levels and placement of insulation are critical to maintaining proper ventilation and moisture control.  A dry home is a happy and healthy home.

  • Better Resale Position

While you are considering additional insulation, weatherization, or other energy efficient improvements for your home, remember that from a resale standpoint these improvements have BIG value.  Home buyers are becoming more savvy everyday and homes that are more efficient are more marketable and certainly differentiated from their competition.  If you market your home as having all Energy Star improvements and clearly document the associated utility reductions, you are harnessing a powerful marketing tool that will increase the value and help you close the sale.

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