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7 Spooky Halloween Decorations Guaranteed to WOW Your Neighbors

It’s October 31st today, and more importantly, it’s Halloween! We cannot believe how quickly Halloween has come around and if you happen to be in the same boat and have not thought about your decorations, fear not, we are here to help. Yes, tonight is Halloween but you still have time to deck your halls with fear and terror and offer trick or treaters and your neighbors a spooky Halloween experience they will never forget. Below we have created a list of 7 fear-inducing Halloween decorations for your windows and doors that is guaranteed to WOW your neighbourhood. And they are also easy to create with objects and materials you may have lying around the home (or that require a quick trip to a party store). Enjoy, and from everyone at WoW, Happy Halloween!

1. Spooky window curtains

To create some wickedly spooky Halloween curtains, all you need is a dark cloth, scissors and fake cobwebs. Cut out pieces from the cloth so they look stringy, tattered and worn. For added effect, you can add fake cobwebs and spiders from your local party supply store and attach them onto the cloth. Then, attach the cloth to your windows and there you have it – spooky curtains!


2. Halloween window stickers  

Creating Halloween window stickers is something you and the whole family can enjoy and they take very little effort. You can either buy them from your local party store or make your own. Grab some construction paper and colorful markers and cut out different Halloween-inspired shapes such as pumpkins, candy-canes, witches hats etc and stick them to your windows.


3. Turn your front door into a Halloween monster

This one is incredibly simple yet very effective too! All you need is two white plates to create the monster’s eyes and then some decorative tape for his mouth and hair. You could even add some ketchup to create a blood-effect around the mouth.  


 4. Bat attack

Head to your local party store and buy some fake plastic backs to create the feeling of a bat-attack descending on your trick or treaters. Make sure you buy plenty of them to really creep people out. Or, if you do not have time to get to a party store, you can simply use some black paper and create bat-shape cut-outs to stick on your doors, windows or the front of your house.


 5. Creepy spider invasion 

Nothing says Halloween more than a massive spider invasion. Using plastic spiders (perhaps you have some leftover from last year’s Halloween) and some old stockings, create spider webs around your windows and close to the front door. Cut holes in stockings (fishing nets work well too) and then position the spiders throughout the stocking holes. Try attaching the stockings or nets to your door so your trick or treaters need to touch it - extra spook and “ick” factor!


 6. Create a frightening Halloween wreath 

This idea is also quite simple to achieve, especially if you have a Christmas wreath lying around. Grab your wreath (or create a new one out of wires) and add plenty of spooky materials to it, such as googly eyes, bloody hearts, fake spiders and bones – you name it! Add the wreath to your front door and dim the lights on your porch so they only notice the wreath when they are right at your door.


 7. Make your own spooky silhouettes

Crafting your own silhouettes can be incredibly effective, especially if you backlight them. Anything with a Halloween theme can be used – for example cats, witches’ hats, spiders, bats, mice and anything else can really amp up the scare factor. All you need to do is create cut-outs of whatever shape you want, place them on your windows and turn down your lights as low as possible. Spooky, easy to make, and gets the job done!




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