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4 Easy Home Improvement Projects To Make Your Home Thanksgiving Ready

This year, Thanksgiving travel is expected to be nearly as busy as it was pre-Covid. Americans traveling home for the holidays is expected to rise 13% over 2020, when more people are staying home. An estimated 53.4 million Americans will travel between Wednesday, November 24 and Sunday, November 28, AAA predicted in its 2021 Thanksgiving travel forecast. That is a lot of people traveling home for one of the most beautiful holidays of the year. At WoW, we think Thanksgiving is perhaps the most important holiday of the year and not just because of its historical significance. It is an opportunity to be grateful for what we have and take a moment to appreciate all the good things in our lives. This is especially important after the unprecedented 18 months the global collective has experienced. 

At Windows on Washington, we are thankful for many things. We are most grateful, however, for our clients. We are so thankful for you trusting us with your homes, taking the time to write reviews and endorse our work. What started as a humble family business has grown into one of the leading home improvement businesses in Maryland and Virginia – and so much of that has to do with your unwavering support. So on this important holiday, we’d like to give thanks to you. 

No WoW blog is complete without some home improvement tips, so in this article, we have highlighted four easy home improvement projects that will set the mood for Thanksgiving and really put the WOW in your celebrations. 


1. Enhance Curb Appeal with New Siding 

Siding is one of the first things your friends and family will notice about your home, so it is worthwhile giving it an update ahead of the holiday season. As with anything, siding ages over time and more often than not fades to a less vibrant and appealing color than it originally was. It starts to retain an overall dirty appearance and can be hard to keep clean. If you want to freshen up the exterior look of your house, siding is a great place to start. When you replace your siding, you can change the color and add some architectural details to your home, making it look as good as new.

At the same time, you can repair unseen structural damage. Old siding may allow rainwater to leak around the windows of your home, which has the potential to cause major structural damage. When you replace the siding of your home, it is often possible to repair any structural damage from the outside without causing any problems to the interior of your home. Repairing any structural damage early on will help make sure you do not encounter even more costly repairs down the road.


2. Steam Clean Your Carpets or Polish Your Floors 

When was the last time your carpets had a really good clean? Steam cleaning your carpets can really freshen up a room and make it much more inviting (not to mention the feeling of fresh carpet under your bare feet!). Steam cleaning carpet is easy to do whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, and it is certainly noticeable. Meanwhile, if you have hardwood or parquet flooring, consider a polish. While these floorboards offer a touch of elegance to a room, even the best wood is prone to scratching and marks over time. Even if the scratches are not overly deep, dirt and other debris gradually becomes stuck in them and can make the appearance worse. All it needs is a simple clean and polish to bring them back to their original state and brighten up any room. 


3. Keep the Heat in & the Cool Out 

The weather is noticeably cooler as Thanksgiving rolls around, and there is nothing worse than having guests complain of your house being too cold. It is not a nice feeling to be cold, but it is also not a nice feeling to get a huge heating bill. That is why one of the best home improvements you can make before Thanksgiving is investing in insulation. Insulation inhibits the transfer of heat. In the winter, it prevents cold air from the outdoors from penetrating the interior of a house, helping to keep your home warmer inside. Therefore, if you want to make sure your guests are warm and comfortable this Thanksgiving (while keeping your utility bills low), we definitely recommend insulating your home properly.


4. Take Care of the Outside 

While we assume you will be spending most of the time inside this Thanksgiving, it is still a nice touch to ensure your front and backyard are in tip-top shape. A simple home improvement project that will really stand out to your guests is taking care of your lawn. It might not seem like much, but a beautifully manicured lawn that has been raked and mowed is sure to get plenty of praise from your family and friends. At the same time, you can ensure your roof is clean and gutters are clear, especially now with the falling leaves. And lastly, if you have a back deck, consider giving it a polish (which you can do at the same time as you do your wooden floors). Weather and good old wear and tear can really affect your deck, but a little TLC and polish can bring it back to life and have it looking as good as new.

Once again, from Windows of Washington to you and yours, Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you enjoy this special holiday.

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