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Why WoW Loves the New Starmark Evo Window Series


At Windows on Washington, we love what we do! Helping our customers turn their houses into the homes of their dreams is our passion. For this very reason, WoW only work with the best quality products, so every homeowner that comes to us can feel safe in the knowledge they are getting the best possible products and service. While we offer a range of home improvement services, we are continually recognized as one of the best replacement window contractors in Maryland and Virginia. Why? Because we carry out exceptional work using exceptional products. 

The Starmark Evo Window Series

One example of an outstanding product we use is the new Starmark Evo Window. Starmark Evo offers homeowners an elegant modern design that looks like wood but offers all the incredible benefits of vinyl windows, such as its low maintenance, energy efficiency, durability and more. And, not only is it a beautiful looking window, it also offers excellent energy performance, surpassing the most rigorous Energy Star requirements. For more than 20 years, Starmark has been creating windows with the modern homeowner in mind. From design to material, Starmark windows focus on what works best for the everyday homeowner. 

Why We Use Starmark Evo Windows 

Advanced Polymeric Composite (APC)

Double hung windows are the most widely used window in the United States, and the Starmark Evo double hung window is one of the best on the market thanks to the superior material and construction. Thanks to APC, Starmark Evo windows have some of the most solid sashes and frames available on the market, making it incredibly durable, standing both the test of time and extreme weather. Starmark Evo windows also contain unique features that minimize air leakage, which means your HVAC units do not have to work as hard throughout the seasons. This is not only good for the environment but also great for your wallet.  

Starmark Evo is Certified by the AAMA

When selecting a replacement window, third-party certification is vital. This is because independent certification programs remove the stress and time-consuming process for homeowners when trying to determine the credibility of a window manufacturer’s claim and the performance of its product. Receiving a AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association) Certification means a product has been tested in a laboratory, and has been followed-up on-site to ensure it complies with industry standards. 


With faultless workmanship and only the best material used in production, Starmark Evo windows do not have the same weaknesses as some vinyl and wood windows on the market, such as warping, bowing and the need to regularly repaint. Furthermore, Starmark Evo’s welding process maximizes its overall strength and reduces air infiltration, making homes with this product much more energy efficient.

WoW Awarded the OKNA Windows’ Diamond Dealer Award 2019 

Starmark Evo windows are a product made by OKNA Windows & Doors. Since 2011, Windows on Washington have continually been awarded OKNA Windows’ Diamond Dealer Award, and we were honoured to be presented with the award again in 2019. 

At WoW, it is our mission to ensure every project we complete, from quality window replacements to new roofs, siding and beyond, is done with the utmost professionalism and to the highest quality standard. We are elated that OKNA Windows has recognized Windows on Washington for our continued support and commitment to their brand, and for educating homeowners on the importance of quality window replacements.

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