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Windows on Washington Introduces the Decra Roofing System!

Windows on Washington is very excited about this best-in-class product and have had beautiful, long lasting results with its application. Decra is a unique stone coated steel roofing system. During manufacturing, steel is pressed into various types of shingles to create different textures and styles that will appeal to even the most discerning tastes. Homeowners can choose a variety of colors in five different shingle styles, including:

  • Tile - This is a great alternative to traditional tile.  This long lasting shingle is lightweight and is installed over a solid deck.
  • Villa Tile - Once again this is a tile style system that has the look and feel of old world Italian tile with the durability of steel.
  • Shake - This style resembles traditional cedar shake.  It has all of the beauty of cedar with the strength of steel behind it.
  • Shake XD  - The traditional look of thick, hand split wood shake, again with the strength of steel.
  • Shingle -  The classic looking shingle style roof with durability you can count on.

The Decra Advantage

  • 50-Year Limited Warranty - Decra stands behind their products with a 50 year, transferable warranty.
  • Hail Resistant - Decra warranties their products against hail stone penetration, including any cracks or splits in the steel material.
  • Wind Damage - Decra guarantees their roofing materials for wind damage, up to 120 mph.
  • Established Manufacturer - Decra roofing has been in the roofing manufacturing business for 20 years with an established parent company that has been around since 1900.

Have questions or want more information about the Decra roofing system?  The experts at Windows on Washington would be happy to sit down with you and discuss the benefits, options and widespread appeal of a Decra roof.  We’ll show you samples, provide you with references and answer all your questions during a no-pressure, free in-home consultation.
Click the link below to discuss if Decra is the right solution for your home!

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*photo courtesy of Decra Roofing

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