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Learn The Top 4 Benefits of Exterior Home Improvement Projects

exterior_home_improvement_imageExterior home improvements are important for homeowners, regardless if they plan to put their house on the market now or sell sometime in the future.  Those who plan to sell in the distant future can also realize benefits now from exterior home improvements. In order to spend home improvement dollars wisely, homeowners must balance the cost of the project with the intrinsic value and the financial return that the project offers.

At Windows on Washington, we see many benefits to our customer’s homes when we complete home improvement projects.  We’ve pulled together our list of the top advantages that homeowners enjoy when our work is complete.

1.  Increase in Home Value
Having an exterior home improvement project completed is the best way to increase property values. These are real ROI:

  • After having siding installed, homeowners can immediately realize an average amount of just under $12,000 for fiber-cement siding and just over $10,000 for vinyl siding.  
  • Replacing a garage door is one of the least expensive exterior home improvement projects, yet will increase the value of a home by more than $2,000. 
  • The installation of energy efficient replacement windows can realize homeowners an average gain of anywhere from $9,684 to $12,433.

2.  Easy to Maintain
For many people, not only is their home valuable, but their time is as well. Exterior home improvements can significantly decrease the amount of time it takes to care for and maintain your home.
  • Siding is easier to maintain than other exterior surfaces because it never needs to be repainted. Periodic power washing to remove dirt or mold is all that’s required. Homeowners will save a great deal of money because they will not incur the cost of painting every few years, yet the home will stay looking like new. After installation, siding can be expected to last anywhere from 20 to 30 years, so most people never have to worry about replacing it again.
  • A new garage door will be smoother and easier to use than an older model. It is less likely to get stuck going up and down because all of the parts are in good working order.  New garage doors also don’t require painting, so again power washing from time to time is all that’s required to keep it looking like new.
  • Replacement windows will not require a homeowner’s time for painting, staining or caulking. New window styles are also much easier to clean because the windowpanes tip inward to make it easy to reach outside panes.

3.  Energy Savings
One of the biggest benefits that drive homeowner’s decision making on where to spend their home improvement budgets has to do with realizing energy savings.  
  • Having siding installed can reduce heating and cooling costs by as much as 20%. For those who plan to remain in their homes for a long period of time, this can really add up to significant savings that begin to be realized immediately. These savings continue indefinitely, and after some time can offset the cost of the project altogether.
  • A replacement garage door is likely to provide better insulation against the heat and cold than an older door.  It will also keep out a great deal of drafts from along the bottom and sides because the seals and weather stripping will be in good repair rather than being cracked or broken thus improving the comfort levels of the rooms adjoining the garage.   
  • After installing energy efficient replacement windows, many homeowners notice their heating and cooling bills are significantly reduced.  A home’s interior will remain warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, making it more comfortable as well.  For this reason, we often hear from homeowners that this project is particularly worthwhile.

4.  Other Benefits
  • Curb Appeal - Having new siding, windows, and garage doors installed can really change the look of a home. Those who are unhappy with the design of their home can give it a drastic makeover by choosing one or more of these exterior home improvement projects. 
  • Protection - Exterior home improvements can also protect your home against moisture and termite damage, which could create a need for extensive repairs in the future. In addition, a new garage door and replacement windows can aid with security because these fixtures are easier to lock than outdated models.
  • Resale Value - Homeowners will enjoy a variety of benefits from exterior home improvement projects such as those mentioned above. These benefits can be enjoyed whether the house will soon be placed on the market or used as a permanent residence for some time to come.
At Windows on Washington, we provide our customers with quality products and expert workmanship to improve the comfort, beauty and energy efficiency of their homes.  Whether you are looking for energy efficient replacement windows, beautiful siding, gutters, a new roof, or money saving insulation and air sealing, we provide solutions to all your home improvement challenges.  We will educate you on our approach to your project, explain your options and encourage you to do additional research.  There is no obligation, pressure or hidden charges. If you are considering a home improvement project, Let us know how we can be of service today
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