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See our most recent blog post about home improvement, replacement window, roofing, siding, insulation and air sealing solutions at Windows on Washington below.

5 Ways to Deck Out Your Home for Halloween

At Windows on Washington, we love everything about home improvements. From replacement windows to beautiful new siding, we are all about making your home look, feel and function better. We are especially impartial to home improvements of the creative and spooky variety … that’s right – we are talking about Halloween!...

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A Guide to Finding the Right Insulation for Your Home 

When renovating your home, there is no denying the options available to you can be overwhelming. If you have done your research and spoken to friends and family, everyone will have an opinion on the best way to perform your home improvement projects. One project that can seem like a daunting prospect is finding the...

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Why is Siding so Expensive? 4 Factors That Determine the Cost of Siding

If you are looking at repairing or replacing your siding, it is likely you are shopping around to find the right siding installer and at the right price. There is no denying home improvement projects can be a costly exercise, so it makes sense to look for the best possible deal on your project. The truth is, quality...

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Ready for Fall? 9 Home Improvement Ideas to Improve Comfort & Reduce Costs

The feeling of fall is unlike any other. The weather gets cooler and fresher by the day as we swap our summer attire for our more comfortable and cozier wardrobe. Our meals often change, usually to more hearty things like stews and roasts, and we start to crank up the heat in our homes. Now, at Windows on Washington,...

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