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Answers To Your Six Most Common Metal Roofing Questions

Many home improvement projects are important and can significantly improve the quality, comfort and durability of your home. Arguably, however, a new roof is one of the biggest home improvement projects you can undertake, yet the benefits of a new roof undoubtedly outweigh the enormity of the project. Yes, a new...

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Which Siding is Best For Improving Your Home's Energy Efficiency?

When it comes to keeping your home comfortable and, at the same time keeping energy costs down, there are many home improvement projects that can assist. An energy efficient home is a happy home. Why? First of all, it helps keep costs down when cooling your home in summer and warming it in winter. Secondly, it...

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Save On Energy & Cooling Costs With These 5 Home Improvement Tips

There is no time quite like the Summer; the days are longer and warmer, and it is a beautiful time to be outdoors in the fresh air. Yet while we are all getting out and about a bit more, we are still spending plenty of time in our homes to keep healthy and well. And, the more we are inside, the more we use our air...

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7 Quick Ways To Find Out If You Need Air Sealing And Insulation

When it comes to making your home more comfortable year round, the first thing most people think of would be a kitchen or bathroom renovation. Who does not love a beautiful new kitchen or bathroom!? The reality is while both of these home improvement projects will definitely spruce up your home and make it more...

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4 Home Improvement Projects to Help You Step into Summer

Summer is here, and the air already feels warmer. While we continue to socially distance and flatten the COVID-19 curve, there is something about the promise of summer that is exciting. Summer is also the perfect time to consider carrying out those home improvement projects you never quite got around to while the...

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