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WoW’s 2019: A Year in Review (And What a Year it’s Been!)

As 2019 draws to a close and we enter a new year (and a new decade!), the team at Windows on Washington would like to take this opportunity to review the last 12 months and revisit some of your favorite articles from the year. It has been a truly wonderful year for us and we have you – our customers and WoW...

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Remodeling Impact Report: The Most Popular Door & Window Projects in the US


Americans spend $400 billion annually on remodelling their homes, with homeowners redesigning and restructuring their homes for a number of different reasons. Whether it be for aesthetics, energy efficiency or simply because you are seeking a fresh change, there are many home improvement projects  you can...

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3 Steps to Help You Prolong the Life of Your Roof


There is no denying a new roof  is one of the most important components of your home, however, it can also be one of the most expensive. The reality is if your roof is not working at its peak, the rest of your home will suffer too. The good news is a roof in most cases is a one-off purchase. If you choose the...

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Should I Replace or Repair A Fogged Window With a Broken Seal?

Have you ever attempted to clean a window you thought was dirty but in actual fact the issue was between the panes of glass and not on them? A fogged window due to a failed window seal is quite a common problem, yet the good news is it is nothing to be overly concerned about. A fogged window due to a broken seal is...

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