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When is the Best Time to Schedule A Home Improvement Project?

Are you wondering when is the best time to schedule your home improvement project? We hear this a lot and our response is: “Any time is a good time to schedule a home improvement project, as long as you are willing and ready to commit.” The truth is, a home improvement project is not something that should be undertaken on a whim. Even a window replacement project takes time and requires some careful planning and consideration. However, it is also true that there are certain times throughout the year that are best for certain home improvement projects. In this article, we will break down our recommendations on which season is best for different types of home improvement projects. 


Weather is probably the most important consideration when determining the right time for a home improvement project. It is also important to remember there are a few projects that will require a permit, and almost all projects involve planning, so it is best to plan ahead. Spring is a great time to do repair and restoration work, such as updating your wooden deck, or perhaps upgrading your air conditioning system before the summer heat kicks in. And, to get a jumpstart on the rainy season, fixing your gutters in early spring is also a good idea to make sure rain will not find its way into your home come winter.


If your windows need replacing, early summer is a good time. You might even be able to snare yourself a good deal as sometimes manufacturers will reduce their prices around June or July. It is also good to be ready for the cooler winter months, ensuring your windows are brand new and working properly (no air leaks!), keeping the conditioned air in and the cool air out (and vice versa in the summer).


Fall is the time you want to start really preparing for the impending cooler months. It is the ideal time to replace worn weather stripping or caulk any drafty areas. It is also the time to ensure your insulation is working properly to avoid any surprising utility bills at the end of winter. Making sure all gaps and drafts are air sealed and that your insulation is working will not only make your home cozy in winter, but also offer great energy savings. Fall is also a good season to freshen up the outside of your home, so if your siding is looking a little worse for wear, Fall is the perfect time for a refresh.


By winter, everything should be ready and completed for the impending cold snap. So what home improvement projects are best for winter? We suggest bathroom and kitchen remodeling. While these are both projects you want to start planning a few months ahead of time, executing them in winter will make sure come summer time when you are most likely to be entertaining, everything will be new, modern and eye-catching. 


Other Important Factors to Consider 

It goes without saying that wet weather is the least desirable time for any kind of home improvement projects. While of course you cannot control the weather, doing any kind of outdoor work in the wet weather is not advisable as it increases the chances of weather-related stoppages, problems and mess. Furthermore, when engaging with a builder or home improvement contractor, you need to plan ahead. You cannot call a contractor for the first time on a Friday and expect them to start your project the following Monday. Organization, planning and patience are all virtues when it comes to home improvement projects, no matter what project or time of year it is. 


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