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What is Window Condensation & How Can You Avoid It?

Do you ever find yourself wiping away droplets of water from your windows, especially during the cooler months? Wondering why it’s happening and how to avoid it? You're not alone! Many homeowners in Maryland and Virginia have experienced the wrath of window condensation, and it can certainly be a pesky issue to deal...

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Black Windows The New Design Trend in Virginia

If you're considering upgrading your windows in 2023, you probably already know that there are a lot of decisions to make. And, if you like to keep up with the #homeinspo and all things home trends, you’ll probably have heard about a thing called black windows. Now, before we get into the nitty-gritty details, let's...

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Do You Have Algae On Your Roof in Virginia or Maryland?

Algae on your roof may not seem like a big deal, but it can actually lead to major issues if left untreated. Not only can it make your roof look dirty and just plain unattractive, but it can also cause damage to shingles and shorten the life of your roof. In this blog post, I’ll be taking you through the most common...

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Insulation FAQ: What is Blanket Insulation

Insulation is a vital component of an energy-efficient home, and there is a wide range of insulation methods. With so many types of insulation available, it can certainly be overwhelming trying to find the right solution for your home. In this article, we are specifically looking at blanket insulation, including what...

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Replacement Window FAQ: Should I Replace or Repair a Broken Seal?

If your window has a broken seal, it can be tempting to put a quick band-aid fix over it rather than going through the process of replacing your window. It is human nature to want to take the fastest, easiest and often least costly route – but is it the right thing to do? Sometimes, a repair is the right solution, for...

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8 Scary Halloween Decorations for Your Windows & Doors 

If Halloween has sprung up on you like a spooky monster and you are yet to get your window and door decorations in check, do not worry – we have you covered. At Windows on Washington, we of course love all things about windows and doors (and home improvement in general), so it is safe to say Halloween is also one of...

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Roofing FAQ: Why Do Shingle Prices for Roofing Fluctuate?

If you are replacing or repairing your roof, you may have noticed the prices of shingles can greatly fluctuate. Prices rise and fall all the time, but why do shingle prices for roofing fluctuate in particular? As oil prices continue to rise – as they have been doing for several years – asphalt prices have risen too....

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Siding FAQ: What Are the Benefits of Brick Siding?

When building a house, siding is one of the most important considerations. Not only is it one of the first lines of defense against the outside elements, but it is also a major design and style feature of your home. There are plenty of  siding materials to choose from that range from low budget to premium, with...

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Insulation FAQ: What is Foam Insulation?

One of the most commonly asked questions we get is: what is foam insulation? There are many different types of insulation, and while foam might still be a relatively new method of insulating your home, it is certainly gaining popularity. In this article, we will be discussing what you need to know about foam...

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Replacement Window FAQ: How to Prevent Condensation on Windows

Window condensation is one of those pesky problems we have all experienced in our homes. Condensation is completely normal and occurs when warm, moist air meets surfaces that are cooler than its dew point temperature. In simple terms, it is the transition of water vapor in the air into liquid, and it forms on your...

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