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      Siding improvements are a great way to spend your remodeling dollars because of the high return on investment (ROI). The national average for a mid-range vinyl siding improvement ROI is 87%, and in some areas of the country it is as high as 105%! In addition to improving your home’s appearance, new siding is easy to maintain and does not require painting.

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      Q. What is Foam back siding and are there any benefits to it?

      A. Foam back or full back siding is another term for Insulated Vinyl Siding. It is a vinyl siding panel that is bonded or slip fit to an expanded polystyrene foam backer. This foam backing increases the rigidity and energy efficiency of the panel when compared to standard vinyl siding. It is a little more expensive when compared to traditional vinyl siding, but well worth the extra expense.

      Q. What are the benefits of Insulated Siding?

      A. Insulated siding can improve a home’s energy efficiency. Most exterior walls have insulation in between the wall studs, but allow significant energy loss through the studs themselves. Wall studs, both wood and metal, are poor insulators — when they come in contact with the exterior cladding, they allow heat to pass through them (which is called a thermal bridge). Since these studs represent up to 25 percent of the wall surface of an average home, it’s like having an entire exterior wall with no insulation at all. Insulated siding improves energy efficiency by reducing thermal bridging — like a blanket, it is continuous insulation over the studs, which helps homes stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

      Q. What are the pros and cons of Fiber Cement Siding as compared to Vinyl Siding?

      A. Fiber Cement Siding is more easily paintable so color palette choices are not limited to production colors. Fiber Cement Siding also looks more like a wood product than Vinyl Siding. Fiber Cement is more expensive and labor intensive to install than vinyl siding and requires more maintenance over the lifetime of the product.

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