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There was lead and we have kids, we needed quality installers.

There was lead and we have kids, we needed quality installers.

We are extremely happy with our window and door replacement from WoW. For context: We replaced an original drafty wood side door and ~17 drafty wood windows on a 1949 house with lead paint in the windows. We chose a Provia door and we chose Okna 500 windows. 

We got estimates from three companies -- the big brand one that does the 2 hour demo in your house and uses hard sales tactics (highest quote), Windows on Washington with salesman Jay who was down to earth with us and didn't use tactics (medium quote), and a third smaller vendor who a neighbor used who didn't have the best quality windows but was very nice (lowest quote). In the end, as we read reviews and talked to former Wow customers, we decided on an old 1949 house, we needed quality installers. As there was lead and we have kids, this was also a factor. We also liked what we read about the Okna brand.

Our installer was Young Kim and he is exceptional. After we signed our contract, he came and did second measurements, and he was meticulous about measuring our old original side door, which is not a standard size in these 1949 houses. He was responsive through text message with me, which I appreciated.

We had to wait about 6 weeks for the window/door order to come in. This is normal, and most vendors told us it takes this long.

As we had lead, on installation day we had to leave the house and stayed at a neighbors to be near by. Installation was in May 2019. The team worked very efficiently and got everything done by late afternoon. Young did the trim fitting himself, and we chose a maple color trim to match the mortar on our brick (our salesman Jay had suggested this and it looks fantastic with our brick). The installation was great, and the team cleaned up everything - no trace that they were there. Young stayed later than his team so we could do the final look through, and he then went out and did a final inspection of the outside, going in to our bushes even to pick out some debris he noticed. He is exceptional, as I said. 

It's mid-summer as I write this. So far I can't tell if the windows are keeping the house cooler or not (just because of the weather changes), but I've noticed the sound is quieter in the house when all the windows are shut and the windows have withstood some heavy rains that have hit our house sideways. (With our old wood windows, rains like that would flood through the storm windows and water would sit in the sill.) I'm looking forward to seeing how the windows perform in winter -- our old windows would have heavy condensation on the inside in winter, and even ice; we had to put up plastic on them. I'll try to post an update on that later.

Overall we are very pleased and would work with this company again. If you have an older house and are worried about the trauma of new window and door installation, this is the team to go with. The installation team we worked with was solid.

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