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What is Insulation and how can it save me money?

Insulation works to inhibit the transfer of heat. In the winter, it prevents cold air from the outdoors from penetrating the interior of a house, helping keep the home warmer inside. During the summer, insulation helps trap cool, conditioned air inside the home while resisting heat from the outdoors. Thus, it is one of the most important features of an energy-efficient home. It goes a long way towards improving comfort by maintaining a constant indoor temperature while reducing the frequency and duration of HVAC system operation

Insulation reduces energy bills for homes in virginia

Insulation types

There are four standard types of insulation used in residential buildings and our In-Home Consultants can discuss with you which type is best for your home:

  • Blanket insulation - filled with mineral fibers including rockwool and fiberglass, comes in rolled-up form.
  • Polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foam insulation - sprayed into the crevices and cavities of a home by a professional installer.
  • Loose fill insulation - consisting of cellulose, rockwool and/or fiberglass, contained in pellets or fibers and installed with pneumatic tools.
  • Rigid insulation - typically packaged in boards or pipe fittings and is typically used to insulate wall sheaths and foundations.