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Why Your Windows or Siding Are Making Popping Sounds


Have you ever heard popping sounds that appear to be coming from your windows or siding? You are not going crazy, we promise! In fact, popping sounds are a fairly common issue (albeit an annoying one). There are a few reasons why your siding or windows are making such noises, but most commonly it is due to the result of the materials being used (siding, cladding etc.) expanding and contracting. In this article, we will be talking about some of the main reasons your siding or windows are making popping sounds, and what you can do to fix it.  

Low-E Glass Windows

If you have recently replaced your existing single pane window with a Low-E coated glass window that faces aluminum siding, this could be the cause of the popping sounds you are hearing. The focused reflection of the sun’s energy as a result of Low-E coated glass can quickly heat the siding on the adjacent walls made from aluminum. This can cause the aluminum to expand at a rapid rate, which creates the popping noise as the siding expands and contracts along your home’s wall. Generally, there is no easy solution to fix this unless you shade your window or swap out the glass from non-Low-E coating glass to eliminate the concentrated reflection. However, this is not recommended for energy efficiency. 

Aluminum Cladding

If you are hearing popping noises but do not have aluminum siding, another cause could be the aluminum cladding on the windows themselves. This is a less common cause of popping noises given the heavy gauge coil stock used on most quality aluminum-clad wood windows. However, it is possible the coil stock aluminum used as trim wrapping around the windows may create expansion and contraction popping noises as a result of rapid heating and cooling.

Tight Vinyl Siding  

Improperly installed vinyl siding can also cause a pesky popping sound, especially if it is installed too tightly. Proper installation requires the siding to not be nailed too tightly to the side of your home. If the nails that attach your siding to your home have been nailed down too tightly, the siding’s natural expansion growth is hindered and can buckle, resulting in popping sounds. The best solution for this is to have a professional home improvement contractor replace the affected siding properly.

Locking joints of new siding can also cause popping noises as they contract and slide against each other. This problem generally works itself out over time, but if not, we recommend calling your installer for further advice.

Sub-par Window Installation

Cracking and popping noises can also be the result of poorly installed windows. If you believe this may be the cause of the popping sounds, we recommend you have the windows removed and reinstalled correctly.

Contact a Professional Home Improvement Contractor

To determine the cause behind the popping or cracking noises coming from your siding or windows, it is always best to contact a trusted window and siding contractor.


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