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Does Your Home Need Replacement Windows to Give it Lift?

Are you thinking about giving your home a Fall makeover? Perhaps you have been meaning to get on top of your outdated bathroom, or installing new kitchen cabinets to give your home some WOW factor. However, have you ever considered how replacement windows might be able to give your home some lift? Replacing the windows in your home is one of the best investments you can make. This is because beautiful new windows increase the comfort, style, and curb appeal of your home, while also improving the energy efficiency of your home. Below, you will find a breakdown of the benefits of replacing your windows and how new windows might just be the lift your home needs as we head into Fall. 

Give Your Home Some Va Va Voom

Replacement windows come in a variety of styles and tastes. Modern frames are manufactured in a variety of colors and finishes, from vinyl to wood veneer, which gives the appearance of a pricier wood frame without the cost or the ongoing maintenance of wood windows. Whether you have recently purchased a new home or have simply decided your home needs a bit of a makeover, there is never a wrong time to replace your windows and give your home a beautiful lift.  

Goodbye Air Leakage

Aesthetics aside, replacement windows are excellent if your home is experiencing air leakage. In fact, air leakage is one of the biggest factors impacting the energy efficiency and utility expenses of your home, and gaps around your doors and windows are notorious for allowing conditioned air to escape from your house. The good news is replacement windows can help ensure that gaps will not suddenly appear between the window and frame as the seasons go by, making your home more comfortable and lowering your utility bills. 

Energy Efficiency Goes Up & Utility Bills Go Dow

Windows are an integral part of any home, providing light, warmth and ventilation. But they also play a major part in a home’s energy efficiency. Windows, especially older single pane windows, become a vehicle for temperature transfer. Essentially, during the colder months, older style windows will allow too much heat to escape. This means your HVAC unit will be working overtime, ramping up your utility bills in the long run. New windows, however, are much more sophisticated and advanced in technology. This gives you many more options when it comes to design and energy savings. These days, windows come in a massive array of varieties. Double and triple pane glass offers unprecedented energy savings, while high-tech finishes and coatings prevent temperature transfer, saving you on the ongoing costs of utility bills. 

A Quieter, Calmer Home

Finally, replacement windows can offer you greater home comfort by eliminating or reducing  some of the noise from outside penetrating inside. Of course, if your home is far from other homes or noisy streets, outside noise might not be a problem. However, for people who live in a bustling community or on a busy street, you would certainly appreciate the sound difference. The feeling of added comfort will also come from the improved security replacement windows offer.

Finding the Right Replacement Windows Contractor

If you are nervous about replacing your windows, we understand. It is a big job! However, finding the right contractor can definitely make the whole process of replacing your windows that much simpler and less stressful. 

It is  a good idea to use contractors with excellent recommendations and references. You can start with websites like Angie’s List or Houzz if you want to find information about how contractors have worked on past projects and read reviews from previous customers. Finally, make sure your contractor is licensed. Before you hire them, it is important you ask to see their license and proof of insurance. 

Replacement Windows Buyer's Guide

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