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The Pocket Sill vs. The Slope Sill Replacement Window

What type of replacement window is better a Pocket Sill or a Slope Sill?

windowWindow manufactures are constantly trying to improve their products and coming out with different types of windows.  One thing that has remained the constant in the design of windows is the two types of sills offered by different manufactures, one is a pocket sill and there other is a sloped sill.  While there are advantages and disadvantages with both types Windows on Washington prefers a sloped sill window.

Pocket sill windows are a deep sill (frame) design that completely surrounds the bottom edge of the sash in the closed position.  The advantage of having this particular design is that in many cases you will get better air infiltration and more glass to your window.  The biggest disadvantage is that the sill looks and acts like a gutter for your window.  Over time you it will fill with dirt and debris resulting in structural problems.  While these windows are aesthetically pleasing the structure of the frame will not hold up over the lifetime of your windows. 

In contrast, there are sloped sill windows are exactly as they sound with a slope at the sill and they flush the dirt and debris out every time it rains.  This design uses gravity to send water out of the sill of the window.  There is little to no maintenance with this type of window sill and therefore less of a chance of structural erosion of your window frame over time.  In addition, if you find a well constructed sloped sill window, like the HiMark 500 (insul-tec) and HiMark 800 (enviro-star), it will have the same if not better air infiltration rating and as much glass as the pocket sill.  Windows on Washington uses only the best replacement windows like those manufactured by Okna so that we can offer our customers windows with all of the advantages of the pocket and sloped sill windows and none of the disadvantages.  For more information on Okna Windows please visit www.okna.com.

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