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4 Home Improvements to WOW Your Guests This Thanksgiving

It is no secret that at Windows on Washington, we love Thanksgiving (and any excuse to have friends and family over). It is also a lovely time to reflect on the year gone by and to prepare ourselves for the new year to come – we are entering a new decade after all. While everything is now slowing down, one thing that never slows down is our love for all things home improvement and making homes as beautiful as they can be. So, if your home is in need of a little spruce up in time for the influx of visitors, do not worry, we have you covered! In this article, we have four tips for improving your home this Thanksgiving that will no doubt WOW your guests. Happy Thanksgiving from the WoW team to you and your family.


1. Make Sure Your Home Is Warm & Welcoming with Good Insulation

One of the last things you want when hosting your friends and family for Thanksgiving is for someone to mention how cold your home is. At the same time, however, you do not want to open up your next energy bill to find your costs have sky-rocketed thanks to your non-stop heating over Thanksgiving and the holiday season. The good news is that there are two solutions to ensure your guests are happy and warm, and your utility bills remain low. First of all, you want to ensure your home is properly insulated and air sealed. The number of spaces in your home that need insulating will determine the cost of insulation. If you have a small budget, we would advise starting with the room that will get the most use. Secondly, if your rooms are feeling overly drafty or appear to be letting all the warm air out, this is a sign it is time to replace your windows. The thing about adding in new insulation and windows is that it will not just keep your home comfortable during winter, but year round as well.


2. Freshen Up Your Home

A simple way to prepare your home for Thanksgiving and the holiday season is to give your home a fresh coat of paint. If you are short on time, do not worry about painting the whole house but rather the rooms where your guests will be spending the most time (such as the living room, dining room and kitchen). 


3. Declutter Your Home 

There is nothing like a good decluttering session to make your home spic and span for the holiday period - a little can go a long way too! Or, why not reorganize your furniture for a new and fresh look? A good way to begin your declutter is to organize items into three categories: items to keep, donate or throw away. Not only will this make more room in your home, but you will also be doing something good for the community by donating unused items to those who may be in need. 


4. Finish Any Outstanding DIY Projects 

Fancy yourself a DIY-er? DIY projects are great (although some projects are definitely best left to professionals), but you want to make sure any outstanding projects are finished by the time your guests arrive. Nothing is worse than having a guest trip and injure themselves on pulled up carpet or a rogue tin of paint. If you have taken on too much, you can always call in a local home improvement  professional to help you get the job done. big

These are just some of our ideas to make your home the best it can be for Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season. We hope you have a wonderful time.  


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