Cellulose v's Fiberglass Loose Fill Insulation

Find out why we believe cellulose is the best loose fill insulation.

If you’re doing research for an upcoming insulation project, you have probably heard 10 different opinions on loose fill insulation (fiberglass and cellulose) and which is better. The short answer: cellulose is best. Why? While other materials may work best in different applications around the home, we believe that the best insulation for loose fill in attics is borate only stabilized cellulose. This is because its performance is unmatched and its R-value is much higher compared to that of loose fiberglass filled insulation.

Conversely, while some industry experts suggest fiberglass still dominates the new construction housing market, this is largely due to the fact fiberglass insulation has comparatively lower cost to cellulose per installed inch. However, the biggest problem with fiberglass is that it is subject convective air movement and this results in a tremendous degradation of the cumulative R-Value. Furthermore, fiberglass is not an effective insecticide or pest preventative and it is a skin and lung irritant. Read more here.