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A Picture Window Is Worth A Thousand Words!

Windows on Washington was able to customize a beautiful 2-story bay window bump out and changed the entire look of the home.  We replaced the bay windows with Energy Star qualified Okna 800 Deluxe windows, upgraded the trim to Azek Siding and redesigned the roofing cap on the bay windows.  The result is stunning!...

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10 tips on choosing a roofing contractor after a storm

Here's the golden rule: don't make a move without contacting your insurance agent.

If you do have damage, your insurance company will verify it and pay the claim according to your policy. Make sure you understand your responsibility for any deductible, and ask whether the claim could affect your future premiums.

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4 Reasons to Properly Insulate Your Home - Windows on Washington

The most effective way to boost comfort and provide temperature consistency in your home is through insulation and air sealing.   Here are four key reasons to properly insulate your home.

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Thinking of buying Windows? Check out this handy checklist!

Buying new windows can be a daunting task. A lot of research and lead-time is required in order to make the right choice, and you need to find a reliable installation company to ensure quality and safety. So it’s no wonder that most people only replace their windows once in their life. Most people simply trust their...

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